Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Birthday to Remember

Today was Micah's birthday.

This is how we celebrated...

This morning, bright and early, Micah opened his presents on Mum and Dad's bed (family tradition) and enjoyed the results!

A book Isaac gave him

An umbrella from a special shop in Launceston, Tasmania

A special watch from Mum and Dad!

Water pistols (Isaac loved them too!)

Then, we had a ridiculous breakfast, Profiteroles and prepared for his party!
Mum spent awhile making a castle cake for the birthday party and India and I helped a bit! We also decorated the house and outside area with balloons and streamers and cleaned the house for our guests!

We invited three families and some extra children with some around Micah's age and also us Girl's blogging friends Briony, Laura, Briahna and two other close friends Cassie and Lizzy.
There was a barbecue lunch first and then the games came! India and I organised a scavenger hunt for all the children making the older girls the team captains! All the children said they enjoyed it a lot! I took some pictures, but they aren't very good :(

Then India organised a Pass the Parcel for all of Micah's friends. Fun.

After came a delicious afternoon tea with the impressive birthday cake!

Like the birthday cake? Well, you should because Mum and us Girls spent a long time on it!

Micah and his friends

All of the children!

We had fun. there was much laughter, water fights and chases with Micah's friends and chatting, jumping on the trampoline and just being together with us older friends!

It was a good day :)


  1. Yes! It was a blast! I had fun.

  2. We had a good time huh? Say Happy Birthday again to Micah for me!

  3. Wow! that cake is HUGE!!!

  4. By the way, WHAT is that on Cassie's face in the last photo?!!

  5. It's a white lightning bolt that the whole family ahd painted on their foreheads for Jonathan's basketball game. (called White Lightning Bolts). By the way, Jonathan's team won!

  6. That was fun and the cake was awesome!
    Elosie xxxx


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