Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have decided to write a bit of imformation that has happened to me in the last couple of months.

I have been enjoying our homeschool co-op in Brisbane, Queensland. Even though we live in Toowoomba, about an hour and half outside Brissy, Mum has been driving us all down there each Thursday. About 10 other homeschool families and us all meet together, split into classes and do activities. We are all Christians and we are doing everything for the glory of God!

School has been going very well for me. I am beginning to understand mixed numbers and fractions with subtrcting, adding by changing the numbers and reducing. ( If you don't know, I am very bad at maths!) English is well. Especially my Easy Grammar! I wiz through it in a minute! I am pretty good at spelling and adore reading books, which is why I know a lot of words in my spelling tests. I have been learning science and German and they are awesome!

The Church that we go to is a really good church! It has lots of good children's programs and we are getting involved in things a lot! I am in grade 7, which means I am in my last grade for our sunday school. Next year I will go to Youth Group with my older sister. One of my very good friends go to our church and she and me get on very well together.

My two sisters and are doing Irish Dancing. We all did it last year but Eloise and I are in India's class now! It has been really fun! At the moment we are learning a dance and I really like it.
At the end of the year, we will be doing a concert. I look forward to it! We wear a special clothes for our classes and Jazz shoes.

My family and I all moved to Toowoomba last year. since then, we have been really enjoying Toowoomba and our new BIG house! In our old house Ella and I had to sleep downstairs. We didn't have our own room because there wasn't enough space. Now, Ella and I have our own room and it is very pretty with butterflies and pink, pink, PINK!!!
There is a nice lounge, a big kitchen a lovely dining room and heaps of outdoor space! I have loved our life sinced we moved to Toowoomba a lot!


  1. Very great and well explained I think!

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  3. I'm facinated! What an exciting life you lead!

  4. is it two stories high?

  5. No just one story. It's pretty big and laid out though!


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