Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have decided to show lots of pictures of my family through all these years. When I think back on all the times and all the fun I sometimes cry.( Especially with some of the music from the movie, "Up" playing in my head.) When we went camping with Dad it was so much fun! Micah and Eloise are playing cards! 2008
Sophie was about 2 months old here on Christmas day. We all went to a restaurant to celebrate. 2008

Christmas in 2007 was fun with grandparents.

Christmas in 2006 was a fun time to celebrate Jesus' birthday!

Christmas in 2008 was a heap of fun. we all went to Caloundra for a holiday and this picture was taken on the 23rd right before we left. The beach was awesome!

Our family photo in 2008 just after Sophie was born.

A photo before our old Tarago got taken away to be demolished! So sad.

Family photo in 2007. Beautiful landscape.

Picture of us on our big Canberra holiday in 2007

Mum and me went to the city to stay in a hotel for my 10th birthday.

Photo before going to church to show-off everyone to our new sister, Sophie.

Went to a island and the boys loved te beach.

A picture of Nanny and Isaac at Micah's 3rd birthday party. 2006

Us doing school in 2006

About to go to a Medeival Feast with or homescooling co-op in 2005.

In Canberra on our hoiday at Parliament house in 2007.

Mum and the new Isaac in 2005 at the hospital.

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  1. Holly, those photos are random! But they capure lots of good memories.


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