Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have just started Piano lessons this year! Which is really exciting since I haven't had a teacher for a year. For that period I have just been teaching myself songs and doing theory on my own.
We have a keyboard which is really annoying! I desperately want a real piano or even a piano like keyboard! Two of the keys on my keyboard are not working so I can't play my songs perfectly.
I have learnt some new songs and they are really fun and I am beginning to understand Theory a lot better.(Last year and the year before, I have been struggling to understand theory and such and hadn't quite succeeded.

I just thought that Iwould mention some of the songs I have learnt this year as well as last year.
1. Bella's Lullabye
2. Tarentelle
3. Petite Reunion
4. Fur Elise
And three pieces I'm in the middle of finishing:
"Progress" Boulevard of Broken Dreams" & "On the Bridge at Twilight."

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