Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a splash of white and pink

I never tire of photographing girls. They are such interesting portrait subjects and a photo shoot with a couple of giggling girls, most of the time them being your sisters and friends, makes a beautiful afternoon filled with fun and laughter.

Last week found me once again with camera in hand, out in our garden with two girls on an extremely hot afternoon. Despite the heat, Eloise, Hannah and I were able to work together as well as any other slightly cooler day and we had the usual share of amusing conversation and ridiculous poses.
Don't they have the cutest pairs of ballet flats?
Their hats are so stylish...and both of them are so extremely pretty!

I hope that I will never, ever tire of having 'dates' with pretty young girls...shooting two friends who just love being together is so beautiful, special and fun. I cannot but help loving such lovely subjects for my photography, I will always remember the afternoon with these two sweet girls.



  1. Cute pictures! I like that last one :)

  2. Peachy fun!
    And, yikes! Those are cute shoes!!

  3. Awww! How sweet! Laura was over at Hannah's yesterday. and yes, Hannah has very good taste in shoes. :)

  4. How lovely! I love their cute hats! :) The two girls look really pretty together.

  5. wow Holly! I love the photos. :) It was such fun!

  6. Loves these photos. Those shoes are too cute!!!


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