Tuesday, December 11, 2012

with the trees and paths + a blazing hot sun

We biked in the blazing heat to a little secluded park in the middle of the little town of Kingsthorpe. We refreshed ourselves, made ourselves a little more presentable and pulled out the camera once again to make memories together for the last time this year, 2012.

Lauren is a pretty awesome person...we have good fun together and I was super thrilled when we had a spontaneous sleep-over to catch up after her being in the USA (I know right?!) for three and a half weeks and before I leave on holidays. Watching movies, staying up late talking, looking through the photos from her trip, jumping crazily on the trampoline and taking stupid photos of each other were only a few of the many crazy-fun things we got up to!
Thank you for having me, Lauren, thanks for being YOU! : )

Much love,
Holly xo

p.s. I'm going to be posting a little bit more on this blog here this week, before I leave for Melbourne for Christmas and in which case, this blog will be silent for quite awhile...unless any one is interested in guest posting, but I'm not sure that's likely in this busy season!


  1. I love these pictures!! :)

  2. I am happy to guest post If you like Holly :)

    1. Thanks for the offer Catherine, but I've decided to skip the whole guest posting idea this time! :)

  3. Loooove that lace maxi skirt!!! =D


  4. Aww, you are so special Holly! Thank you ( :

    Thanks for posting this, there are some really nice pictures, I think we did well for a 'park' that wasn't really pretty.

    I'm really glad you had fun on the slepover, it was a bit crazy at times, not to mention 'helping' in Sunday school :P

    Love you!


  5. Gorgeous!! I love laurens outfit!! :D


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