Friday, December 14, 2012

Byron Bay

I went to Byron Bay with my Dad for four days last week. It was a mission trip with Dad's work Student Life for uni students and leaders and Dad was going to do a couple of the sessions and participate in outreaching to the many different cultures of Byron Bay. He asked if I'd like to come and tag along, to be a "mini uni student" and learn how to evangelise. It was such an experience. There were times when I was amazed, challenged, encouraged, scared, excited or just confused, but I learnt so much and would gladly do it again next year. I never knew how exciting it is talking to people from different cultures from all different parts of the world about Jesus, it's pretty awesome!
We also had a bit of a relaxing time, trekking around the lighthouse and valley below (did I mention the Byron Bay landscape is beautiful?) and hanging out at the beach in the hot weather.
Over all, I'd say it was one amazing four days that I won't forget as long as I live! Even those these photos aren't amazing (they're taken with the iphone) and don't show most of what we got up to, every time I look at these memories I'll remember the experience I was able to be a part of and that will be awesome.


  1. Byron Bay! That's like... 25 minutes away from us!! :) Sounds like you had an amazing time! xo

    1. Really? Oh my gosh, I had no idea...I could have dropped in on the way home! Oh why didn't I know that, it makes perfect sense. Sorry, Alice! :(

  2. Awesome! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  3. That beach is gorgeous!
    I live next to a beach, but I've still never seen a lighthouse! :D
    I awarded you over at my blog! :D

  4. Nice! Lovely Beach! I have been there! :)


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