Wednesday, November 14, 2012

this is where i am right now

Right now, I'm staying at my grandparents' house in Cairns (in northern Queensland) with Dad, Grandpa and the bros. It's been a relaxing time so far, we went down to the Esplanade earlier today, had fish & chips and gelato for lunch, swum in the pool and visited the crocodile farm Grandma works at! Yesterday the boys went climbing some maniac mountain (i know, they're crazy right?!) and I staid at home and took photos.
And do you know what we did and saw this morning??!!

 ~two minutes later!~

YES, we saw the total solar eclipse this morning. The moon started going over the sun at about a quarter to six and the totality (where it went completely dark!) was at 6:37 on the dot and lasted two minutes. It was pretty amazing to experience...well worth waking up at two, driving to a place two and a half hours outside of Cairns and sitting out in the middle of nowhere for a couple hours with a random fifty other people!
It will be something I won't forget.

And now, I shall go and enjoy what is left of my mini 'holiday' and look through the some three hundred photos taken of the eclipse again :)

Have a good rest of the week, Friends. xo

p.s. don't mind the construction and different blogger headers that are appearing on my blog, i'm trying to work onto a new blog design and possibly blog name...any one got any ideas or want to help me?! contact here.


  1. That sounds so fun. I wish I had been there, don't you :) Anyway, I love the header you have right on now and we did think up a few different names already, didn't we! ;)

    Well, have a great remainder of your holiday!


  2. That looks absolutely amazing! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  3. Ah, your eclipse photos are amazing! And a crocodile farm sounds fascinating ;)

  4. Wow!!! That looks soooooo awesome!!! I wish I could have went....have a great rest of your holiday. Crocodile farm and mountain climbing sounds fun! See you

  5. That's so cool Holly! I'm glad you were able to have this experience.

    Herr Carmichael

  6. Oh my gosh, those pictures are absolutely perfect!!!
    xo TJ


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