Saturday, November 10, 2012

It was the Melbourne Cup, so we dressed up


 Don't you love it when you get a brilliant (ha...well) idea? And then you tell your sisters about it and they like the idea too?
Well, all of us watched the Melbourne Cup together and I really loved all the dresses, shoes and facinators the women who were on tv were decked out in, probably more so than the actual horse racing part! And after it finished, I thought that it would be a lovely idea if India, Eloise and I dressed up as if we were going to the races and act like Melbourne ladies for the rest of the day. And we did it. Of course, we didn't actually own any real facinators, but we made do with what we had and even took some photos in the garden together, trying to act Melbourne-Lady-Cupish!
Lots of fun :)
p.s. here's the last part of my vlog...enjoy (!!)


  1. Hey Holly,
    My new blog is up, come check it out.


  2. You girls look so funny all dressed up and acting like proud citizens of Melbourne! ( citizens? Lol)
    The Melbourne cup race was lots of fun to watch!

  3. Hi Holly

    I'M BACK!!! I loved our holiday, I can't wait to talk to you on Thursday : D

    Holly, you aren't weird at all, (ok, well coming from me probably isn't all that comforting, anyway, heaps of people really like you so who cares how 'normal' you are, normal is a bit boring) I have seriously enjoyed watching all four parts of your vlog. In fact while I was on our holiday, seeing part four was something I was really looking forward to once we got back. (That sentence sounded, um, interesting).

    I'm sorry, I did ask really hard questions, a round of applause to you for getting through them! ( :

    I didn't think you'd say I took the worst photo ever, my photography skills are... amazing! LOL, yeah, that'd be right, our photo shoots are always interesting.

    Corneal Brandon, good choice! He even has a pretty horse (hehe)

    Sorry I am in a silly mood, can't wait to see you!!!!

    Love Lauren

    1. Oh my gosh, wow...I love you.

      (and I'm so glad you're back!)


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