Sunday, February 26, 2012

little sister

The other day I had immense pleasure in capturing  Eloise in one of her favourite outfits. She was a good model and had a natural way of posing for the camera with prettiness and style.

Isn't she a cutie pie?!


actually, she'd probably doesn't want you thinking of her as a cutie pie (she'll probably kill me for writing this on my blog!) so you better not mention it to her as she might do something drastic like stalk you, unfollow your blog etc.
you get the point.
oh, why don't you just be a dear and go leave her a comment on her blog?
thank you : )


  1. lovely photos! Your sister is so cute!


  2. Haha, little sisters will always be cute to me :) Lovely photos, Holly!

  3. She looks lovely in the photos, and she looks SO much like you!

    1. Actually Jemimah, Eloise and I look nothing alike! Not even in the slightest! Every one's always shocked when they find out we're sisters : )

    2. Oh, sorry, I think I got you and India mixed around in a moment of muddle-headedness.
      Tell her she looks very pretty, just like her older sister's!

  4. She is really pretty! She looks a lot like you! Trendy hat too.

  5. Aw, these are so sweet! I love her dress and her hat!

  6. She is really pretty!
    BTW I tagged you on my blog!



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