Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it gets interesting

I espied some interesting flower/leaf type things dangling from our tree out the front yard yesterday afternoon.

Twas very interesting!
I've been very intrigued by nature recently and yesterday morning, I went outside with my camera and explored nature a bit. It was fun and I'm really appreciating nature a lot more at the moment.
I'll be talking more about nature (and photos!) on Diamonds and Pearls when I guest post for Briahna on Friday, so stay tuned for more from Moi on that blog soon!

Holly xo

p.s.  i keep forgetting to post about it, but i'm sponsoring a giveaway over at heaven in my heart and there's only a couple more days left until it closes, so don't forget to enter!
p.p.s. i need perhaps two guest posters to do something lovely on roses and bluebells this weekend while i'm away! i know it's a leetle late, but if you're able to, you'll be ever so kind to this blog : ) just email here if you can.


  1. gorgeous pics! can't wait to see your guest post!

    i can't guest post at the moment. :(

    can't wait to see tomoz at 5!!!!

    ~Bri :)

  2. What are the obligations of guest-posting? Just so I know in case I decide I might want to. Thanks, Annie-Jo

  3. Great pictures! And I'd love to guest post, but unfortunately, I am just super busy working on lots of things, so I won't be able to this time :(


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