Monday, January 2, 2012

the year of 2011

Wow, the year of 2011 is now gone. How could time past so quickly? It is now 2012...where did last year go?
The past year has been a wonderful, hard, beautiful, sad, exciting, funny, frustrating and extraordinary year!
Some of my favourite photos that I've taken in 2011...

yes i know it's dark. oh well, i still like it.

I've learnt so much, done much and experienced oh SO MUCH in the past year. It's been challenging and I've had my ups and downs, but such a good year that I would never have missed. The friends that I've made in life and blogging have added so much more colour to my life and I cherish each and every girl who have made 2011 so wonderful!
Happy new year to you all! Thank you Followers for being there and for all the comments and emails I receive from you all...I truly appreciate it : )
I'll miss the last year but I'm definitely ready for a new year and what it has to offer...bring on 2012!

holly xo
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  1. Love all the photo's! Who's that gorgeous girl in the third pic?? ;)


    P.S. Don't forget to celebrate your blog anniversary! When is the exact date again?

  2. @ Bri: Thanks! I'm not sure who that girl wouldn't happen to know here would you?! haha...
    Oh, and my bloggaversary is on the 10th or 11th I think. I'll remember to celelbrate, but thanks for reminding me any way : D

  3. Hello Holly,


    Wow, yes .... I agree with you; the year has gone so quickly, hey?

    And then again you look at it and it feels like it was 'forever ago, ....' that this happened, but it was actually just a year ago! ha ha

    I love those pics, you are SUCH a good photographer.
    Have you thought of entering any of your pics in a compotition. You would SO DO GREAT if you did.

    Anyways, enjoy 2012 and I will be back to visit your blog a sap!!

    Izi :)

  4. Lovely photograghy.
    I love the last one.
    Beth xx

  5. Loox like you've had quite the year! Hope this year's a beautiful one too...


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