Monday, January 9, 2012

simple, yet beautiful

I ♥ photo shoots. And there's something about simple, beautiful, un-edited photos that I'm liking at the moment.
 My beautiful model Cassie.

And she took some photos of me too : )

Simple, yet lovely. I'm loving it.


  1. Lovely! Both you and Cassie look gorgeous! My favorite one would have to be the one with Cass and the fan. The sweet little sun circles (or whatever you call them) are just awesome! Although I think they're all amazing. :)

    We need to have a sleepover! Your place or mine? When are you free??

    I'm going to Innika's tomorrow till thurs!!! Can't wait!

    Oh, sorry, this comment was kinda long and weird. Oh well! :-)

    ~Sara {Bri}

    P.S. This is how i'm signing my name from now on blogs. ;)

  2. @ Bri: Thank you Bri! I'm really glad you like the photos. Yes, the sun spots add to the effect quite a bit, don't they?
    It would be lovely to have a sleep-over. I don't mind where it is. Maybe our house? I'm not sure. And I'd have to work out when as we have a lot going on at the moment!
    Have a lovely time at Innika's tomofrrow : ) I'm sure you will : D
    Mimi xo

  3. Awesome pictures! That looked like a lot of fun :) ☆♡

  4. Hi Holly

    My new blog address is -

    If you have any links to my old address would you mind changing them?


    From Lauren

  5. just found your cute blog :) now following!
    your photography is lovely.


  6. @ Lauren: You changed your blog address? Ok, I'll remember that. I don't think I have any links from the old one, so all good : )
    @ Erin: Thank you so much for being my 70th follower, Erin! I'm glad you like my photography : D


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