Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my cake's kaputt

"Hello followers! How are you all? I've missed you. I've been away on (another) road trip to Canberra! And a 4 day long holiday with relatives in Noosa after that. Rather tired at the moment. Did you miss me?"

Yes, I'm back in the blogging world once again! *sigh* It's good to be back : )
The holiday was very educational, but tiring. ' Lots to do in such little time' would have been our motto! But out of the road trip we got some nice photos.
along the way to canberra, we stopped at places to do with astronomy. they set up the planets and there size and distance from the 'sun' (which was a big telescope).

a funny photo in the mirror in one of the astronomy museums

sophie and i feeding the giraffes carrots at western plains taronga zoo

at the war memorial in canberra. all the poppies that people had put on their friends and family who had died in the wars.

the pool in the middle of the old building
in front of the big 'dish'! an amazing radio telescope thingy that i didn't really understand at all : )

outside the war memorial. you can just see parliament house in the distance

the little buildings set up at cockington green. so cute!

loved them!

hey cutie
We happened to be in Canberra when the yearly flower festival is on called Floriade. (which happens to be the biggest in the southern hemisphere). It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Love, loved, loved it!

they smelled beautiful

missy had to pose with my sunnies!

all the children (except for india) dressed up in different period outfits at the old parliament house in the heart of canberra

on a particularly windy day in woolongong

: D

Another educational, interesting, challenging and fun road trip! But let's say goodbye to them, for we won't be doing another trip for a while at least. Time to relax a bit and not have all the holidays filled up, says I!
And a big round of applause for the wonderful guest posters who kindly contributed to Roses and Bluebells! Unfortunately again, one of my guest posters did not post at all. It's the second time that's happened and it's can be unhelpful with getting out of date with the other posters etc. : (
Oh well.

Oh, and it was Mum's birthday yesterday, so I made her a lemon cake. To cheer up her day a bit. Think: Everyone sick with fevers and cold except for the youngest two, stuck at home all day while Dad goes to work! Not the ideal birthday. And the annoying thing is that something went wrong with the cake too! It kind of fell apart. (don't ask me why. in the book, it doesn't mention anything about it falling apart and the photo of the cake looks amazing!)
But I did take some photos of it any way...

and this is the same cake in the recipe book!
See what I mean?

I'm disgusted, really. (if you want to try your luck at it, then here's the recipe and more photos.

K, that's all from me for now. See you all lovelies and I hope that there will be the giveaway post up on Roses and Bluebells by Saturday or something. It depends on a few sponsors and how soon they email me as to say if they're definitely sponsoring. But yeah, something you don't want to miss, so keep an eye out for that : P


p.s. the wedding is in 4 days!! i'm so excited. there will be many photos from the day i'll post for you all to see, i promise. i still find it hard to believe that i'm being a bridesmaid! really special...


  1. Hey Holly!

    (Bri here) I just sent you an email from my family's account. It's so sad what has happened! :(:(

    Those photo's are lovely. I saw you wearing the scarf I gave you in one of them! :)

    My blog and gmail account have been deleated and I'm doing everything I can to recover them. (that's why i'm using courtney's account.)


    p.s. could you forward the email I sent you to Briony, Laura, Lauren, Abby, Sarah, and anyone else you know that has my gmail address.

  2. omg bri, that's so sad! i feel for you! hope you can recovder both of them : (
    do you mean abbey munro when you said to email the message on to friends, or another abbey at church, cause i only have abbey munro's email address.

  3. yes abby munro. and btw they are both gone for good! :( i've emailed you with my new email address and i'm making another 'diamonds and persl' blog now.

  4. Hey Holly (and bri if you read this comment!)

    It's Laura here! The same thing has happened to me as it had happened to Bri! But my blog and gmail account hasn't yet been deleted! I am hoping they can hold it for me until i'm 13!
    Just a note to all those under 13 year olds who have gmail/blog accounts....I would try to copy your blog if i were you so you can keep it. Because gmail might delete it as they have almost done to me! Just a WARNING!

    It sucks doesn't it Bri!

    Love, Laura (who is hoping to get her account back soon!) I hope I do! :(

    P.s It sounds like you had a great holiday Holly!!

  5. @ Katie (Laura): oh laura, has it happened to you too? i'm so sorry! i hope all goes well and you get it : )

  6. Canberra is beautiful. Sounds like you had a nice time. I love the pictures.
    Beth xoxo

  7. I'm am soo glad I was born in 1997! (:

    I am so sorry for all of those who have had their gmail and blogger accounts taken away from them ):

    The holiday sounds like it was fun! It reminds me of our last holiday in NSW, I love visiting the state I was born in!

    I love the pics (:

    From Lauren

  8. Hello Holly,

    WOW, it looks like you had a LOT of fun in Canberra. To be honest, I've been there heaps of times myself. In fact, until 7 months ago, I lived just a three hour drive away from Canberra.

    I totally loves seeing the war museum and parliment house. I'm glad you enjoyed it, too.

    SO nice to hear from you again!

    Izi :)

  9. Hi Holly! Glad to have you back.

    Just be careful with your blog account and stuff. Laura has lost her blog because she is not of age to have a blog. You better change your birth date to thirteen Asap!


  10. Hi Holly

    I know this is the second time I have commented, but Iwanted to say that I really like the simple but elegant design. The pic of you at the top is gorgeous! (:

    From Lauren

  11. @ Katie: I don't need to change it because I am thirteen. It would have been worrying before my birthday, but the girls who are going to have trouble will be the ones born in 1999.

    @ Lauren: Thanks! I've had the design for awhile, and actually some one has made me a new one for free, just got to get it up!

  12. Laura here again! Still trying to recover my blog and gmail account! I hope I do !

    I hope you have/had fun at the wedding!! :)

  13. @ Katie (laura): Still haven't found it? How awful! And thanks, I will have a lovely time at the wedding! Just about to go to the church for the rehearsal, then going home with Gen (the bride) and all the other bridesmaids to stay the night, then up early tomorrow morning at 6:30 to start getting ourselves ready for the wedding! Very exciting : )

  14. Hi Holly. I am born in 1999. Should I be worried? Maybe not...I haven't had anything strange happen yet. Looks like you had fun in Camberra.
    Bye for now, Annie-Jo
    PS. I agree, your design is beautiful! I love your desing (especially the header!)!

  15. I am born in 1999! Should I be worried? Maybe not ... cos nothing has happened yet.
    Anyways, I really like your blog, Holly! The design (especially the header) is Beautiful!
    From, Annie-JO xo

  16. Looks like a fun time!! I love that photo from the war memorial with the That's just so cool!

    I love your name, by the way. (:

  17. @ Annie-Jo: I would of thought something would have happened to you blog now, but that's good that you haven't had problems yet! Just be careful and on the lookout!
    @ Jennoelle: Thank you! I love my name too. Your name is gorgeous, BTW. So pretty and smooth running!

  18. The wedding was AMAZING, Holly! Did you have a nice time at the reception, too???

    @Annie-Jo: Do you have a gmail account? If not, there is no need to be worried! If you do I think you got lucky!

    ~Bri xxx

  19. Wow!
    all those flowers are so pretty!
    Looks like a fun trip!
    Happy birthday to your mom!


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