Monday, October 3, 2011

The Lost Art of Letter Writing Part 1 {A Guest Post By Elizabeth}

Okay, so I'm not sure what happened there but I previously missed out a whole section for this post. Here's the updated version. :)

After arriving home from a holiday last week, I picked up the pile of mail that lay on the kitchen table and shuffled through it. There, among the colourless business letters and gaudy Big W catalogues, lay an envelope with my name on it, the address written in beautiful swirling handwriting. Turning it over, I noticed an exquisite seal of red wax, with a pretty 'A' imprinted on it.

After dinner and a hot bath, I made myself a a proper letter, or even a thank you note. There is nothing more delightful than getting an unexpected letter from a friend; it makes one feel so special and loved knowing that someone has taken the time and effort to create something just for you!

I love writing letters. The ritual of sitting down at my desk, carefully selecting the pen and paper, and contemplating the words to be written, makes me yearn for the "old days" in which text-talk and Facebook were as unheard-of as walking on the moon. I keep all my papers and stamps in a beautiful box with a sachet of lavender, so every time I lift the lid, I am greeted with that distinct fragrance that brings so many precious memories racing to mind.

I keep my letters in a drawer of my desk, all tied in red velvet ribbon. Among them are letters from my older sister Kate, who wrote to me while she was studying at university in Sydney. I loved racing up to the mailbox to see if the long awaited-for letter had arrived. Her letters, written on thick cream paper and with a proper quill pen and ink, often made me laugh out loud, and I treasure them lovingly to this very day. I also have letters from my darling great-grandmother, who is now 100 years old (and the best letter writer I know!). Her letters hold a special place in my heart, and though she is now unable to write, I still keep in touch by sending her long newsy letters about the latest escapades of o
ur family. One of the most exciting letters I have received was a letter from Queen Elizabeth's Lady-in-Waiting. I wrote to the Queen for her birthday in 2009 and a few weeks later received a reply on thick white paper with the Royal Coat of Arms embossed on it.

Dear Elizabeth (it said)

The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for the letter and kind message which you have sent for her Official Birthday.

Her Majesty was very pleased to hear from you, and I am to thank you most sincerely for remembering the Queen at this time.
Yours sincerely,
Susan Hussey.

I was so excited that I had got a letter from somebody so famous!
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I am a homeschooling student, daughter of God, lover of music, running, tennis, photography, baking, books, writing, and animals; and a sister to my seven sweet siblings. I will be posting Part 2 of 'The Lost Art of Letter Writing' on my blog, Quiet Streams, next week.


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