Monday, August 8, 2011

The Trip Up North {2}

Well, and here are more photos from the holiday that were taken by moi!

The lovely green hills of the Atherton Tablelands were a site to see after the dry, dusty outback!

There were many different waterfalls to see (around Atherton), and my Dad *loves* waterfalls so this was one among many that we saw.

As you can tell, I love taking photos of my beautiful sister, India! Atherton was such a lovely place to visit : )

We went on a walk around Lake Barrine and this is a photo taken at one of the lookouts.

Sophie and Kayla on 'christmas day', cousins and best friends!

Seriously, I could not get a photo of the two girls without them doing a silly face for the camera!

But they are a pleasure to take photos of and oh so cute funny : )

Boy cousins playing cricket on the front lawn!

Then in Townsville on the way home, India and I had a photo shoot on the beach!

I tried desperately to get a photo of the seagulls!

The cool water flowing through my feet was very refreshing on a rather warm day. (in the middle of winter! it was so weird seeing everyone dressed in summer clothes and going to the beach, walking on the esplanade and eating ice creams!)

This one without editing for a nice change!

I am a bit sneaky! I said this post was my photography. Well, these photos are ones that India took on the beach of me : )

 Just because I felt like it! You know the crazy me, right?

dress: Valley Girl // cardigan: Valley Girl // sunglasses: Bright Eyes Sunglasses // earrings: Equip //

And that concludes the photos that I selected of our holiday away! Thanks, Followers for reading and commenting. It means a lot! And hello to all the new readers of Roses and Bluebells! Thanks for choosing to read my blog : )



  1. Lovely photos. I love all your outfits :)
    Beautiful photos, thanks again for letting me guest post... so glad you're back on blog-land!

  2. Hey Holly,

    WOWO! Those pictures are so beautiful. Looks like you, India and your family all had a wonderful time. How long were you away for?

    Izi :)

  3. i love all those photo's of you! that's a really pretty dress! can't wait for your guest post on Saturday! where else are you posting?



  4. @ Natalia- Thanks, Friend! I'm glad to be back too : )
    @ Izi- I was away for just over 3 weeks!
    @ Briahna- I can't wait either! I guest posted on Faith's blog, 'Something Fun' if you're talking about the other blog I was going to guest post on : )

  5. yep i was- thanks! i'll take a look at her blog on Saturday! :)


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