Saturday, April 9, 2011

Liquid Sunshine Giveaway & Blog Party!

Ok, this is going to be exciting! Olivia is hosting a wonderful giveaway on Horsefeathers! Unfortunately, I only just decided to enter and it finishes tomorrow, so if ya don't already know about it, you betta hurry up!

Liquid Sunshine @ HorseFeathers

And here are the questions to answer...

Favourite season, and why? 
Definitely spring. I love this season! Firstly, because my birthday's in early spring and also I love all the flowers blooming and new lives beginning wherever you look! It's just a beautiful, pleasant-weather season! Great for photography :)

How would you describe your personal style?
Umm, I don't know if I really have a personal style. I love dresses and jeans. I've always liked the 50's clothes (but never worn them!).  Any clothes in fashion will do :)

What's one weird thing you can do? (the stranger the better!)
I can twist my arms around together and put my head through it! (it's alright if you didn't understand that!)
Rain or shine?
I luv sunny weather and warm days, but I don't mind an occasional shower of rain, as long as they're not too often! (like what's been happening at the moment!)

Confession time... what's a flaw of yours?
I'm too bossy! I always want to have everything exactly right and NO mess! Unfortunately, my siblings don't agree with me all the time so I can get to be pretty bossy! I'm also a bit selfish :(  I'm working on it!

Favourite music?
There's lots! ABBA, U2, some classical, Hillsong and loads more!

Have you ever made a decision you instantly regretted? What was it?
Many times! One I can remember is when I was about ten or eleven, I decided to learn a piano piece on my own! Bad idea! It was WAY too hard for me to learn, but since I had decided to do it, I couldn't very well back out so I kept at it and went over it for months 'till I finally could play it ok! I haven't played it since :)

Who do you admire/look up to?
Definitely Jesus! Also my Mum, Queen Victoria and Emma Watson.

You've just won an unlimited lifetime supply of... what?
This is easy! Clothes, jewellery, clothes, handbags, more clothes!

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A cat. Lazy, laid back life with loving owners! It would be fun!

If you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you do with your time?
Spend as much time with my family and friends and tell as many people as I can about Jesus. Oh and visit some countries!

You're now a gazillionare... where do you go to spend your money?
First off, I give some to my family and friends,then I share out heaps for poor countries and orphanages and after I buy like heaps of clothes, and jewllery and save the rest for future use!!

Classical music: love it or hate it?
Love. it. There's something about it's soft, peaceful sound and powerful symphonies. I'ts old fashioned, but I love it :)

Yep, I have heaps of 'em! Spiders, scary animals, deep, deserted water and eating poisoned food :)

Hop on a plane and go live somewhere for a year... where is it and why?
Oh dear, I couldn't decide between Salzburg or Paris!

Are you an extrovert or introvert?
Definitely an extrovert! You can tell that, by just meeting me :)

Would you/do you perform on stage?
Absolutely! I love acting and singing and have done both on stage many times!

Ok, that's it! Go link up here before it's too late!


  1. This lloks like fun! :)
    I'm definetiley not a perform on stage person! :P

  2. I love reading all about you! I'd love to do it, but I don't have my own blog! I might do it and then email it to a few people, just for the fun of it. Anyway, thanks for sharing some info about yourself!


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