Thursday, February 3, 2011

What are you most enjoying about this wonderful day so far?  Or maybe you are looking forward to something happening later today?  The weather, school, playing, spending time with your family...

Or just being you?

I'm lovin' this weather! (seriously) I prefer hotter climates rather cold, so in the 30's is great! (for Toowoomba at least) I'm also going to a friends's house this afternoon and starting a choir tonight!

Feel free to comment or simply to chat :)


  1. Hi Holly,

    I started a choir Tuesday!

    I also like this weather but when it is really hot it is not that fun. Especial when we don't have a air-con.
    ( new house) We had a water fight the other day that was fun.

    I am enjoying school lots! I am studying the history of medicine
    by John Hudson Tiner. It is a really good book!

    We are going to a B-day starwars party tomorrow.

    I love your header and new background. It looks great.

    BTW Briony won't mind if you want to change it later.

    Well this turned out to sort of like a email then a comment.

    Hope to see you soon.

    ~ Laura ( Which choir do you go to??)

  2. I go to a choir called Ensemble. India did it last year, but you have to be 13 to be part of it, but I was allowed in early :)


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