Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sunshine Award

I have been awarded the Sunshine Award by Alexandra! Thank you so much, blogging friend :)

I love blogs that give me sunshine when I read them!  Here are 5 I love.

India, (from Heaven in My heart)  my wonderful sister! She has already been awarded this but I thought I would award her any way :)

My Button!

Alexandra, (from Alrxandra's Corner) who has already been awarded and awarded me, but her blog does give me sunshine!

Laura, (from Just and Old Fashioned Girl) my lovely friend and blogger!


Crista "Moriah" ( from Uniquely Fashioned for His Glory) whose posts are so interesting and bright!

Rebecca or Bec, (from Bex Blog) whose blog is full of fun and is a great friend of mine!

Thank you Girls for giving me much sunshine and pleasure on your blogs!


  1. Beautiful Award! :)

    Thank you so much for awarding me with it!
    (I actually got awarded with this award not too long after I first started blogging, but thanks just the same *smiles*)


  2. Thank you for awarding me agaain! :):):)


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