Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Real Me

You all me know me pretty well, right? Whether it's through blogging or being friends.

But am I about to reveal the real me? Would you think that I was like this or not? I don't know!

Any way, you're probably thinking what on earth am I talking about, so I'll just get on with this post, shall I?

At the choir India & I go to, we are learning ABBA songs for a performance later in the year. And India got an ABBA CD out from the library to listen to.

Last night I was feeling quite bouncy and full of energy. India wasn't feeling very well and was listening to the CD, so I thought I'd entertain her by dancing to the music! If you haven't seen my style of dancing, (which is most of you) I like to be really creative and interesting. Half way through, India decided to take photos of me, and this is what she was able to get...

I was dancing to ABBA Fernando in this photo!

In this photo I was dancing to ABBA Voulez Vous!

The last song I danced to was ABBA Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! before I collapsed! (literally)

And this is me being absolutely crazy with my hair!


                                               So, do you think you know the real me now?!


  1. Haha! Getting your groove on huh Holy?

  2. The real you is hilarious! I cracked up looking at these :D

  3. Haha! :)
    I like your hair-do's! :)

  4. Your hair actually really does look pretty there! I was laughing so hard, as that's something I would do :)

  5. Really? I thought my hair looked weird and down right silly ;)


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