Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Wow! I can't believe, autumn (fall) is here! Where did summer go?

I love autumn. I love the gold and brown leaves. I love the slighly colder weather. (but not too cool!) I love celebrating Micah's birthday. (which is in later March)

Summer has always been my favourite season and still is. I feel kinda sad that it won't come back 'till December, but I can wait!

What's your favourite season? Are you welcoming autumn with a happy heart?

These photos were taken in a little town outside of Toowoomba in autumn 2007! We travelled down to Stanthorpe in late March/early April to witness the *real* autumn. (Brisbane, where we were living at the time, didin't have much autumn)

Welcome autumn!



  1. I like Winter, but I also like Fall and Spring. I hate the Summer. its to hot. =P

    Its weird how we are about to have Spring and you have fall right now.

  2. It confused me when I saw the title "Autumn!" but then I remembered! :P :)

    Those pictures are so pretty! :D

  3. Thanks Girls! Lucky you having spring! I love that season :)

  4. yeah, this pics were pretty.


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