Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry that I have not posted in ages! My family and I have been very busy!

 I must admit that I haven't got really anything to post about, so I'm going to be kind of random with this post!

Life isn't very interesting at the moment- school, cleaning, eating, sleeping. You know, the normal boring things! Life needs to get more interesting!

Speaking of interesting, the next 4 Saturdays (and some Sundays) are going to be super
busy and exciting! Rehearsals, attending concerts, performing, visiting friends! It couldn't get any more exciting, could it? 

 Goodness, I'm loving this weather! It's finally getting a bit hotter! What's your favourite

 Oh, I almost forgot! Dad and I went to our neighbouring city, Brisbane, and guess what Dad bought? Nope. You're never going to guess!
Wait for it... A new PIANO!!!!! That's right. A. New. Piano.
Well actually, it's an electric piano, but it feels pretty much the same. And it came with a stool, a classical pieces mucic book and heaps of cool stuff! Our old keyboard is officially gone from my playing world! I've decided to name the new piano Melody!

 I love chocolate! (and chicken and biscuits and apples...) What's your favourite food at the moment?

OK. That's all from me!

See ya.


  1. Wow have fun playing the piano.

    I don't really know what my fave food is, probably something sweet.

    See ya Sunday.

    ~ Laura

  2. Yes! I can't wait! While I'm writing this, Mum has just come in with your invitation! It's so pretty!

  3. I want an electric piano...even though i don't play...

  4. I had fun today. I am glad you came Holly.

    ~ Laura


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