Thursday, November 11, 2010

From the Old Times...


Today, I just thought that I would show some photos from a long time ago- Christmas 2006! That was a much loved and well remembered Christmas with relatives!
Our Aunt, Uncle and cousins came over for Christmas. This is us at our grandparents house enjoying icecreams on a hot day about a week before Christmas.

My brothers with our cousin Matthew

That's my sister India.

We made a gingerbread house together!

On Christmas day at our old house in Brisbane!

The boys LOVED this present!

At our grandparents house on Christmas day playing a game.

Cracking crackers!

All of us together for Christmas lunch! (my great-grandmother came to it as well)

In the holidays after Christmas. We went to a local water park.



  1. What special memories. Getting close to xmas now huh?

  2. you bet! I still can't quite believe it's almost Christmas! Where has the time gone?


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