Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ahhh... Spring at last!

September is such a lovely month! I've been waiting for this season all year!
Three reasons why I'm glad today is today!

1. My birthday is in a week! Praise God! (I've been waiting all year!)

2. In Spring, there are lots of lovely flowers and trees, new birds hatching and glorious sun! I love it!

3: My life is so exciting, fun and awesome at the moment. Spring is going to make it even more great!

So, I say, "Go Spring!!"   

What about you??


  1. I love spring too, It'so weird to think it's spring where you are, but fall here! :D


  2. Whoops! I didn't even realise (I spell that with a "s"!) that it's not Spring where you are! Do you like Autumn, (sorry) I mean Fall very much? :)


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