Sunday, October 27, 2013

off to fairyland...

Last Saturday, my sister had her 5th birthday party. She had been anticipating it, talking about her fairy (picked the theme herself!) party for months beforehand. She was so unbelievably excited when finally the day arrived.
But this magical day wasn't just exciting and well anticipated by Sophie...many months ago, when the idea of a party for Sophie's 5th was broached, I soon became interested in the possibility of organising it myself. When it was finally confirmed and the little girl asked for a fairy theme, I immediately put myself forward and asked to plan, organise and basically run the party mostly by myself. I had been wanting the fun, pleasure and experience of doing something like that for a long time, and when Mum agreed (and Sophie was all for it too!) I was so happy about it.
The past week before this party afternoon was an interesting one. I spent most of my time (not doing school!) planning the party (believe me, there's a lot of THAT involved in the kind of big, themed party I wanted). Then I spent hours preparing for it; decorations had to be made, many things had to be bought, food had to be prepared and baked, and of course, the biggest part, the big birthday cake had to be done absolutely perfectly. I sourced most of my ideas, food and decorations from a fairy woodland party section in a Donna Hay Kid's recipe was a HUGE help, though slightly more expensive and harder than I had expected. :/
But when the day arrived, and all the food was baked and ready, the decorations done and all the activities and games set up and ready, that was when I was so very happy and all the stress and business of the past week was forgotten.

Found this cute little banner at Spotlight.
 I was really pleased with how the food turned out.
 And the scariest, most trickiest and best part of the party, the fairy rainbow cake.
 I felt success when it was all finished (and thankful for my mother's help in icing it, as I struggle slightly in that area).
 These cute little sugared toadstools proved a treat.
 Beauty of a birthday girl. :)
 Playing pass the parcel.
Each guest was able to decorate their own wand to take home.
All the little girls dressed in their best fairy costumes.
 Decorating biscuits with all sorts of goodies to take home.
Sophie and best friend from kindy, Lucy.
Playing fairy, fairy, pixie.
 And the birthday cake time...!
 I  just really love the inside. <3

Everyone enjoyed celebrating this wonderful, already promising, little girl's five years. And of course Sophie enjoyed her party so much, which is the main thing.
Organising my sister's fairy party. It was a lot of work. It was challenging, fun, rewarding, stressful and scary at times and a great experience. I'd do it again any day.
And it was so worth it.

Much love,
Holly xo


  1. What a success! Holly you did such an amazing job, GOOD ON YOU!!! xx

  2. This is incredible, Holly!!! Such a wonderful job! xoxox

  3. Looks like a fairy gorgeous party! Well done Holly! Sophie looked soooo happy too. :) I'd love to see the photos of Briony's party too maybe... :) :P I love the cake you made and those cupcakes!! :O

  4. I am in awe, Holly! You did an amazing job!!

  5. Aww! Your labour of love! Sophie must adore you. X

  6. Thank you so much everyone for your feedback and compliments! You all are ridiculously nice. :)

  7. Sehr gut gemacht Holly! Wirklich prima!


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