Tuesday, September 10, 2013

birthday bash at a chocolate place

Finally, Sunday the 8th of September.
It had arrived. I had waited so long to be fifteen, and it came.
That afternoon I spent with some of my wonderful friends at the Chocolate Cottage in Highfields.
It couldn't have been a more perfect day; the weather was gorgeous, the food delicious and the company the very best.

 It was great to hang out with these two awesome girls!
Beautiful India and Courtney.
 Sweet Elsie and Lauren.
 Our view.
 My Bri and I and our cool sunglasses.
Iced chocolate...yummy much.
All around the table enjoying the sunshine.
Haha, they crack me up! :P
 I have such a lovely, beautiful group of Toowoomba (well, surrounding areas actually!) friends. :)
 I (of course) suggested the silly photo...
And proceeded to be the silliest, most ridiculous thing EVER.
The beautiful backdrop onto the Village Green was a great place for taking individual shots with each of my friends.
 India and I with our matching spotty spring dresses!
 Little sissy and I. <3
 My Sammy (Lauren) and I!
Love these girls a lot. <3
And then things started getting interesting...as the afternoon drew on to evening, and we got tireder, crazier and more silly, so did the photos.

Courtney, Caitlin and I were trying to pose as models.
 Yeah, we're just so good at it too! :P
Crazy Burnett sisters had to pull faces.
 And then Courtney took over the camera, became the 'photographer' and proceeded to take photos of us in various different poses.
First Briahna and I were trying to make a love heart. <3
 And failing...:P
Love her so much!!
What we're like 95% of the time we're together.
 Our 'cool' magazine pose.
 Then our amazing photographer got the idea of saying a random word and as soon as we all heard it, we had to the first action that came into our heads...this one was "turkey"!
Hmmm, I obviously had no idea what it looked like.
 "Washing machine" I do believe this was...yeah, Courtney was so creative.
"Favourite animal"...I think this was when Bri broke away from the group as a wild horse!
 Ya, just casually relaxing in my friends' arms. :P
Us trying to master the dead pose look...and failing.
So much fun, laughter and ridiculousness.
 Like our 'album cover' pose as Courtney called it?!
The Sound of Music pose..."The hills are alive..."

Such a wonderful afternoon...so many wonderful, funny memories made.
A very special birthday indeed.
A good first day of being fifteen.

Much love,
Holly xo


  1. I love the pictures, Holly! :) It sounds like you had a great birthday! :)

  2. Happy 15th Holly!!!! Lovely photos, looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. What a lovely birthday idea! Happy Birthday by the way. :)

    enjoy your age, fifteen is a good number but it all flys by so fast. don't be so eager to get older, being fifteen is great! :) I'm gonna miss it.

    Love you Holly girl!

    1. Thank you Bri! :)
      I think I will enjoy being fifteen...yes, I'm sure the time will fly and I'm not going to try and rush it, waiting to be another year older.
      Thanks for the advice, fifteen's a great age, oh yes! :D
      Love you <3

  4. You beautiful girl you! Happy Birthday! :) have a good year being fifteen! :)

  5. We are the exactaly same age!! HOW EXCITING!! It looked like you had a lovely birthday which you definitly deserved.

  6. Herzlichen Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag liebe Holly! Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und Schöne im 15. Lebensjahr. Es freut mich sehr, dich wieder in der Klasse zu haben.

    Mir gefällt dein Kleid. Es passt dir sehr gut. Du siehst immer so hübsch aus! Und mir gefallen auch die rosa Strümpfe Indias. Bunte Strüpfe und ein schönes Kleid passen ihr ganz gut!

  7. What a beautiful day! Being 15 is so much fun! I'm gonna miss it when I turn 16 soon. :)
    Looks like you are blessed with some amazing friends and a very beautiful smile!
    I love your blog, it's so real and fun and always makes me smile!
    God Bless Holly!


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