Monday, August 26, 2013

book characters come alive

My friend Lauren had her birthday a few weeks ago, and on Saturday we celebrated her sixteen years with a party. Not just any old sixteenth  party, but a book characters party, where we all dressed up as a favourite book character.
When I arrived, the benches were decorated with photographs and quotes from the very best books, the table was laden with delicious looking food (which I couldn't actually enjoy as I had just gotten my braces on!) and all the guests were dressed up in awesome costumes from many different books.

Makenzie and Elsie looking all awesome.
Anne of Green Gables, a.k.a. Ebony. :)
The beautiful birthday cake.
This sweet lady was dressed up as Aravis from her favourite book, The Horse and His Boy.
 India was dressed up as Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events. She looked splendid.
And I decided on going as Susan Pevensie, copying the costume she wears in the movie, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe when the children all go into Narnia.
And being the smart, knowledgeable person I am, I posed as best as I could holding the bow and arrow wrongly (of course) so I looked like a complete idiot.
India and Eebee rocking the definition of beautiful!
These two are awesome.
This girl was so amazing dressed as Mary Poppins...I had seriously considered the possibility of going as the magical nanny myself, but didn't actually have the bits to put it together, so I was thrilled when she turned up as Mary!
Going up!
My idea of terrorizing Miss Daisy...well I mean, I was Susan, a different person. With a bow and arrow I might add. :P (yeah, and I have absolutely no idea how to hold it!)
Elsie was Éowyn from The Lord of the Rings and looked smashing.
Ah yes, Susan is a leetle evil at times.
Two Narnians gang up on Mary Poppins!
Haha, just kidding. :P
Everyone dressed up.

Lauren's awesome, we all had a blast, here's to sixteen more years with that personage!

Much love,


  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS! You all look so amazing I can't even believe it. Holly my mouth fell open when I saw you, you're so beautiful :). Lauren looked fantastic too, I hope she had a great day. xx

    P.S. Wish I could have been there :(.

    1. Aww, thanks so much Annie. You're so nice to say that to me, I don't know...I can't even. And yes, Lauren had a smashing day I do believe. It was an extreme shame you weren't able to come, I almost cried when I heard you couldn't make it up. :(
      Love you! <3

  2. You all look lovely!!! How long do you have to have your braces on for? I just had mine taken off today, after 18 months! Hopefully it's not that long for you!

    1. Thank you muchly Jemimah. I think for about 9-12 months, then retainers for 3-4 years. :)

    2. Great! It'll be much nicer if you only have to have them for a few months!

  3. That was an awesome party. Everyone looked so fantastic! :) Happy Birthday Lauren! <3
    (And those photos of us fighting!! HAHAHAHA!! SO hilarious!! XD) <3

  4. This looks amazing!
    All girl homeschool costume partys are the best!

  5. Wow, you are all so beautiful! Looks like you guys had a blast.

  6. Oh my goodness you do the neatest birthdays.
    I loved your Susan outfit and the Mary Poppins one too cute!

  7. Oh my goodness! Love the photos! The Mary Poppin's shots with the umbrella are amazing!!!! xo

  8. It looks like a fantastic party! Shame you couldn't eat the food though :(, that would have been hard. You're funny with the bow and arrow! Everyone's costumes were really good! I laughed so much when I saw photo #29! So funny! :)


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