Wednesday, June 26, 2013

celebrating seventeen years

My sister India turned seventeen on Monday.
Our dear friends came up and we did all sorts of wonderful things to celebrate including eating delicious birthday treats like Victorian sponge cake and Eton Mess, watching Audrey Hepburn goodness, taking photos and going out for coffee. It was a splendid time and the outing the next day was made even better by the presence of dear Eebee and Hannah.
The morning was glorious, sunny, and by the end of it my camera and I were pretty happy.

Afterwards we walked to the cinemas to see a film with some more of India's friends and then hung out at the shops eating, laughing and talking for ages.
So many wonderful memories made, happy 17th India!



  1. This is so lovely! Thanks for capturing such beautiful pictures of such a special day, sister mine. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!!! This is so beautiful! I hope you guys had fun, it sure looks like it! Wish I could have been there too! :( Happy Birthday to India! Hope you had fun at the movies?

  3. Awwh! What a wonderful, photo story of the day.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, thank you for such a terrific day!

  5. Herzliche Glückwünsche zum 17. Geburtstag India! Ich wünsche dir alles Gute im neuen Jahr!

  6. Nicola :)27 June, 2013

    Happy Birthday India!!!! Looks like you had such a fun day together! It's the way to do if you ask me, enjoying time with amazing people and enjoying God's little blessings! THanks for sharing Holly! Looks like you and your camera had a very fun, memorable day! xo

  7. Happy Birthday to your lovely sister!
    You always capture events perfectly with your photograghy. Little snapshot sof smiles and laughter. Really stunning.
    Your outfit is super cute, love the coat.
    Beth xxx

  8. Anonymous29 June, 2013

    Oh how fun! Happy Birthday India! Lovely pictures!!


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