Tuesday, October 30, 2012

this is a post dedicated to my mother

I guess I haven't mentioned my Mum a whole lot on this little blog...I never really photographed her, had much to say about her (except that she's my awesome mother!) and never blogged her birthdays (well except for the one just passed!), her holidays or pastimes. And that's understandable as this is the place where I blog mainly about myself...and a bit of my siblings, friends and photography.
But I was thinking that it might be nice to share with you all a little about Mum.
Actually, I'm not great at all with writing moving, well written pieces about the people I love, the people that mean the most in my life. So I don't really have a whole lot to say...but that she is amazing. And means so much to me, that I would not trade her for any other woman on this planet to take her role as a mother to me. Ever.
And I know this post may not be a whole lot interesting to you guys, and I understand. But really, I'm not writing this post mainly for you. I'm writing this so that I can in the years to come, look back at this and remember.
Remember Mummy when I was fourteen years old. The year that she meant so much to me. The year of her fortieth birthday, of her unselfishness in giving up so much of her time so that I can experience so much, of her wonderful trip to New Zealand with Dad and of her unfailing love, guidance and support.
So without further ado, I dedicate this post, just this one post to you, Mummy. Because I love you. And I want to remember this year, 2012 with you.

Not to mention that you are pretty darn beautiful for a mother of six, going on forty-one! :P
Mum. Mummy. Mother dear. Mumsy. Mamere.
Thank you. For everything.

Holly xo

p.s. photo credit to Dad for all the photos except for the two of Mum in her spotty shirt...I love that spotty shirt! :)


  1. Awww! This is really sweet! I am sure your Mum will really appreciate this post Holly. :)

  2. This is beautiful, Holly!

  3. How lovely you are Holly! A very special post that will be cherished for ever and ever. And I think you did a pretty darn good job writing it too!! Your Mum must feel very special!

    I'll see you tomorrow, art!! :)

    P.S. talking about mothers, it's my Mum's birthday today!

    1. Thanks Laura...yes, we both will cherish it. She does feel very special I believe. As she ought to feel.
      Say happy birthday to your Mum for me! :)

  4. Wow. That nearly made me cry! How lovely.

    Cassie xoxoxo

  5. This is a lovely post Holly. Wow, you look so much like your mum!

  6. Holly, that was such a sweet post! Not many people appreciate the mother they have been given -- glad to know you are someone who does :)

  7. Love this post. You have a beautiful Mamma!

  8. Thank you Holly for this wonderful post. It makes me feel very special and loved. I am very blessed to have such a fabulous daughter! I love you heaps. Mum xx


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