Friday, September 14, 2012

briahna // portraits

Wow. I don't even know where to begin with this girl. Briahna is one of my closest friends and I've learnt so much about friendship and been encouraged with Christianity so much by her in the last year and have been friends with her for at least two and a half! It's been an awesome journey : )

And on Monday I had the opportunity to take photos of her in her new outfit in the new spring garden! She is the best model I've ever taken photos of and is so photogenic.

It was such a pleasure to take photos of her and I was able to get some really nice shots.

{my personal favourite}

It was a photo shoot that we both enjoyed so much and I can't wait to capture this beautiful young woman again.
Thanks Bri! Love you <3 br="br"> xo,


  1. Awww thank you Holly! This post makes me miss my Briahna a lot... Gorgeous pics- nice work!
    So glad that she has such a beautiful friend in you!

    P.S. Loved our Skype chat tonight! Still makes me laugh!

    1. You're welcome dear Courtney! Thank you so much for your compliments on my photography :)
      Yes, she most definitely is.
      I LOVED our video skype on friday night was hilarious! :P

  2. What a beautiful girl! Looking forward to catching up with you both later on today!!
    Annie xxoo

  3. Wow, they are soooo beautiful! Aw, Bri, makes me miss you too! I'm so glad I can see you today!

    Cassie xoxoxo

  4. Wow, great shots! Bri is such sooooo photogenic! I love her outfit.

  5. This was awesome fun! Thanks for doing it for me Holly!! :D They seemed to come out well! :D

    1. YES it was. You are most welcome Ahnie! Yes, I thought they did : D


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