Friday, April 6, 2012

when you're with friends, gee you have a good time

So it's the Easter holidays. And when there's no school or work to be done, what better thing to do than go on an outing to Stanthorpe with dear friends!
Yesterday proved an enjoyable day for us all. My parents, siblings & I and the Caudells (you remember them from that photo shoot in january?) went to Stanthorpe for apple picking and a picnic by the lake. We made lots of memories together- ate like it was Christmas, picked WAY too many apples, ran around crazy, talked and talked and of course, took an overabundance of photos! Yep, the greater part of that was my doing : )

That weird expression on my face? I was eating an apple. I wanted a nice photo of Elsie and I. It didn't exactly work out...
Sophie with her hand picked apples.
Me eating an apple again. At least Elsie had the sense to not have food in her mouth when Dad was taking photos of us!
The rows and rows of apple orchards.
Crazy friends, Rebekah and Micah.
The gorgeous little Holly eating her apple.
Imogen and Eloise were pleased with what they had picked.
The younger siblings sitting around an old school table.
The children exploring by the river before lunch.
Elsie relaxing on a rock.
These two were my main models. I was able to snap many cute photos of them : )
Beautiful girls Eloise and Imogen.
These three hid in the bushes, claiming to be stuck, but once I told them dessert was ready, they immediately find a way out of the situation!
The delicious desserts. It felt like Christmas time, with three desserts to partake of!
Oh, this girl is so gorgeous, no?
Friends Sophie and Holly.
Then all the children (minus India and I) decided to swing off a stick attached to some rope over the water! 
Oh yes they did! 
Yes, even Sophie managed to let herself have a turn.
But consequently, some one had to fall in the water. Poor Eloise didn't hold on tight enough and ended in a splash! That put an end to the swinging.

We then all walked back to the cars (with the soaking Eloise!) and ended our extremely fun day out together.

It was great.



  1. Bravo Holly! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Poor Eloise! :)

    See you next week. :)

    1. Thanks Briony! Yes, it was a wonderful time
      See you Monday. So looking forward to visiting your family and your new house! : )

  2. Friends do add the spark in our lives!
    Seems like a lot of fun :) And your picnic...AH!
    Now I'm in the mood for some swimming :) I'm sure Eloise had a thrill!
    Great post!

  3. Looks like a wonderful day :) Love the photos of Sophie and her little friend!

  4. Sounds like fun! Holly, to finish your design, I need you to go to where you added me as an author and give me admin rights, then I can put your design in. Okay? If you have any questions please email me, I'd really like to apply your design :)

    1. Oh, ok. You can put the design on, but I may not keep it as I've already gotten some one else to work on a design for me.
      Right, I'll go and give your admin rights. Sorry about that!

  5. Sounds so much fun! Apple picking would be wonderful!
    Poor Eloise! I fell into Hannah's dam the other day...very refreshing it was! lol :)

  6. FUN! Btw, make sure you girls all rsvp today! Can't wait for the party!!! Ooo, this new design looks interesting! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    sara xoxox

    1. Oh, I didn't realise we hadn't rsvped yet! But you must know that of course we're coming : )
      Thanks, Stephanie is doing it for me.

  7. Oh, that looks really fun! :)
    And the desserts looked really good!
    Poor Eloise, I hope it wasn't to cold!

  8. Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Where I live in Tasmania we used to have an abundance of apple orchards, but sadly the market for them was failing and lost of them are being ripped out. And they do look lovely with the seemingly endless trees, bowed down to half their size with fruit.
    Poor Eloise, I bet it was cold! (Ok, I confess, when I saw the first photo of the kids swinging I was waiting to hear of one of them falling in the water, it HAS to happen every time, doesn't it?
    Oh, and I really like the new 'in the making' blog design.

  9. Yeah I know you said that you wanted to come but i didn't get an rsvp from India or Eloise. Can you ask them both to email me about whether or not they're coming?

    Thanks! btw, how has easter fest been???


  10. Looks like a great day out. Apples are sooo yummy!

  11. Ah, I've always wanted to go to an apple orchard and pick apples! So fun! ;)


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