Sunday, April 15, 2012

time to disco

Last night I had the pleasure (along with twelve other girls) to celebrate with my dear friend Briahna, who had a disco party for her thirteenth birthday. It was an amazingly fun and crazy party and something all of us girls, especially Briahna, will never forget.
Mum tooks us girls op-shopping for disco dresses and I found a designer's evening dress, worth a couple hundred dollars, but something I got for $40! Mum helped me with a hairstyle, complete with sparkles and I wore my silver heels. I was very pleased with the end results.

And of course the party went off like a bang!
Playing 'musical tape'! A most interesting game.
The birthday girl!
And of course the girls wanted their hair sprayed with HEAPS of glitter!
The cake was delicious.
Bri opening presents.
Briony, Laura, Eloise and India looking on.

Happy thirteenth birthday, Briahna! Thanks for such a smashing party!


p.s. still sorting out the blog design. please bear with me and everything will be fine soon.


  1. It was sooooo much fun! Lets give a round of applause for Bri for a making it a wonderful night!!

  2. It was a fabulous evening! Everyone was so hillarious in "Musical tape"! :P Got some awesome videos!

    1. Yes they were! Good, I want to see some of those videos. Is Briahna going to post them on her blog?

  3. AWW that would have been such a fun party to go to. You looked SO grown-up in your party dress, Holly. Happy Birthday Bri!Love you, Annie-Jo xo
    PS. Would love to get to know you better, you wouldn't mind if I emailed you or anything? xo

  4. yes, allot of fun!!! I'll be posting photo's but our comp can't post videos! :( i'll be happy to show tou the videos at youth or chior sometime!!


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