Friday, April 20, 2012

friends and horses

So in the holidays I had the pleasure of going to my friend, Lauren's house for a sleep-over. In the late afternoon/early evening, we all went out to their farm to see their horses. I, planning ahead, had thought that Lauren plus horses plus sunset had got to equal a photo shoot. It proved to be a successful (over all) time, with plenty of photo opportunity.

this would have been perfect if joshua's hand hadn't been in the way!

It was a perfect photo shoot. The horses were pretty good (most of the time!) and Lauren was a wonderful 'horse' model!
Thanks so much for a lovely afternoon/evening with the horses, Lauren!



  1. Thanks for coming and taking the photos Holly! I love number 6 best.

    Oh, no, now you've got me started on remembering the mrs. Darcy thing! ( :

    It was a fun sleepover...

    (inside joke) *Hide behind a bush* STOP - NO WAIT *sprints*


    P.s - Sorry readers of this comment - you will have no idea what I'm saying.

  2. Love these! Such pretty horses! :)


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