Thursday, March 29, 2012

something a little different

Last weekend, I went to church family camp. Saturday afternoon, my friends and I were bored and we decided to have a photo shoot on the campsite.
So while four to five girls posed, Abbey and I brought out our cameras and snapped at them. We made much fun and some of the results were good, but mostly just crazy or funny shots, as we didn't feel much like being models!
It was a different photo shoot from what I've experienced before. Normally, I photograph one or two girls in a field or with flowers, all dressed up and smiling beautifully. But this time, us girls were dressed very casually and we'd just gotten out of the pool and taking photos on church camp isn't exactly going to be all flowers and trees! For goodness sake we were on a campsite! But we made it work purely for our enjoyment.

ha. yeah that's sarah for you!

And then we called it quits for that afternoon/evening because the lighting was getting pretty annoying and it was close to dinner time any way : )
But the next morning, us girls were keen to take some more photos in the glorious sunlight. Abbey and I complied and we explored more places to take photos, enjoying ourselves all along!

: )

And that was that.
Thanks for scrolling through this long post, Readers!


p.s. i'm sorry about the mess up. for some reason or other, the two newest posts on my blog had the photos and text deleted completely. i'm not sure what happened. but i know some of you probably clicked on this and saw nothing there. any way, all fixed now : )
p.p.s. i have an easter concert on this afternoon. please pray that it will all go well and that people will enjoy hearing us sing : )


  1. Sorry to bother you Holly, but in the last few days whenever I've tried to open your blog its opened, but only the title of the posts and the last part which shows how many comments you have etc, have come up. I just thought it rather strange that it should come up like that.

    1. I know. I'm so sorry about that! All fixed now : )

  2. Great Photos...I especially like number *15, *16, and *19!
    With love,


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