Wednesday, January 18, 2012

guest posting : the {official} blog of elisha! (:

hey allll!!!! this is Elisha from "The {Official} Blog of Elisha!" (: im so so so excited to be here today!! When Holly contacted me, and asked me to guest post i was SHOCKED. ME!? REALLY!? :D i was thrillled. i mean.. REALLY.

after only {almost} 2 months of blogging.. i already have 72 followers( love yaall!!<3), anddddd people asking me to guest post?! UNREAL!! :P Now this is my very FIRST guest post ever, so if I bore you to death.. im sorry ;P im a newbie at this.
Holly told me I could talk about anything.. so i decided to tell you wonderful people, about me & my blog.

this is me. Elisha Brooke -------(for safety reasons i wont post my last name :P ). im a life-loving, vintage obsessed, girly-girl, mint chocolate chip & brownies addict, bestfriend loving, long letter writing, missions trip-per, pink loving, gets-excited-when-recieves-a-letter-in-the-mail kinda girlll, who loves the blogging world!! here are random things about me, that i often post about on my blog! maybe we'll find something in common? (:

this is my favvorite male singer. Michael Buble. (:

this is my all-time favorite female singer. Adele :)

this is my bestfriend debbie. :) {on the left}.

this is what i live by! a railroad.. yeaahh that comes in handy for phtoshoots.. :)

this is my favorite place on earth.
Nicaragua, 2011. 
i went on my FIRST missions trip!! life-changing.

so that was a little about ME.. now my blog. before "{Official} Blog of Elisha!" - I had MANY previous blogs about me, fashion, my life...and they all failed. no followers. no comments. so i got depressed by that.. and ended up deleting all 3. . 
I started up "The {Official} Blog of Elisha", in early December, because.. honestly I wanted to write out whats going on with me.. and to try and see if a new blog would be a new start.. a change from the old blogs.. so i started it up, got a friend to design my blog, started following other blogs, and BOOM!! it was amazing. i started getting allll these comments on my posts, & getting new followers from blogs i hadnt even visited!!! overnight i got 13 followers! i was stunned, and EXCITED! :D none of my previous blogs had ever done so well. i was ecstatic. (: so i decided, if i got to 50 followers, i'd have a giveaway! so i did, and my followers went from 34 to 72!! in less than two weeks!! now theres rarely a time, when I dont get any comments on my posts. If your reading this, and you have a blog, that isnt "successful", DONT GIVE UP!! :) write about what YOU like, anything. (: 

if you like what you've read, come on over to my blog, follow me, and we'll have TONSSS OF FUN!!!! andd.... i promise ill follow you back!!! ;) <3 

i've LOVED having the opportunity to post on here! (: i hope i wasnt too boring for you! :P i an be quite confusing tooo.. just getting all the words out right ;P thanks for sticking through this whole post with me!! :) i love you allll!! <3

elisha. (:


  1. you are just the cutest, elisha. i can't believe you had three blogs and deleted all of them. by sister and i actually had a blog together before i made mine (she has her own now too) was called Sisters in the Country. We made it private and stopped blogging on it for a reason. i'm so happy you're back blogging again!
    congrats on your first guest post! you did great!

  2. memoryy!! :D thank you, hahah i try? ;) yeahh, its quite sad... but im glad im back!! =) thanks!!

  3. yay for first guest posts! i think you did awesome :)

  4. awh thanks! (: I was soo nervous!!

  5. Thank you so much for guest posting, Elisha! You did great for your first guest post: )

  6. nice guest post, Elisha. I think you did really well. Love, Annie-Jo xo

  7. And by the way, Holly, this is just a question : why do people guest post anyway and so on?


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