Sunday, December 4, 2011

i'm back

Hello everybody.

Yes that's right. I'm back.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory went wonderfully. I really enjoyed myself and learnt a bit more about plays & acting etc.

My dad filmed the play and some of the boys from our home schooling co-op are going to edit it properly and make it into a DVD. He also took MANY photos of the dress-rehearsals and practices from the last three days, so prepare for some posts coming up about that soon : )

It was also an emotional time for the co-op, our family especially. Next year we aren't attending the home schooling co-op that my Mum and Mrs. Howarth (one of the other mothers in it) started eight years ago. Mum is finding it too hard to drive down to Brisbane each week, and has decided to start up a new one in Toowoomba. Co-op has been a big part of our lives and it was really hard to say goodbye to every one, and know that we're not coming back. Also, one of the families in co-op is moving back to America on Wednesday, and I found it really hard to say goodbye to my dear friend Tyndall last night. I will miss her so much and hope that her and the whole family have a great time in America, as they start this new chapter in their lives.

Yes, it was a good three days. I will treasure they time we have spent at co-op, the time spent on the wonderful play, and the time spent with my precious friends. Love you guys...

How has your weekend been?



  1. Enjoyed your performance so much! Well done on your solo, too, girl! :)

  2. it sounded like so much fun! wish i was there. :( can't wait to see the dvd. we totally need to have a sleepover and watch it!

    can't wait to see you again soon!


    p.s. i'm going to white water world tomoz! so exciting!!

  3. @ Courtney: I'm so glad you enjoyed the play! Thank you so much! I was a leetle worried that my voice wasn't loud enough, you know without mics, but I hope you were able to hear me ok : )
    @ Bri: Yes, as soon as it is made into a DVD, we must watch it together and definitely have a sleep-over!

  4. Hey Holly Is co-op going to run next year at all and are the howarths still moving to Tamworth. P.S dp]o you have Tyndalls email.

  5. @ Cathy: Yes, co-op is still running next year, and no, the howarths aren't moving to tamworth. they're continuing to go, along with every one else. yes i have her email address. i'll send it to you if you like, though i don't know when she'll be on email. probably not for a month at least.


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