Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas eve

My wonderful Christmas Eve...

In the late morning (after watching several delicious movies. sorry that's an interesting describing word), all of us girls started cooking in the kitchen. I made a lemon meringue pie (for christmas dessert) and helped out with various other goodies for Christmas day. Just after lunch, India and I attended a Christmas lunch with our choir at a cafe. It was lovely. Then after a little bit of last-minute-Christmas-shopping, it was straight home to finish off any more cooking!

*photos credit goes to my sister eloise. i was too lazy (quite frankly) to bother snapping photos! really shocking...sorry!

Micah, Isaac & Sophie had a serious game with sticks on the trampoline in the early evening.

Cheeky girl.

Just after dinner, we went out to Queen's Park to see Toowoomba's A Winter Wonderland light display.

Then on the way home, we stopped off at the house of the winners of Toowoomba's House Christmas Lights competition. It was extremely amazing and so bright.

Once home we turned the television on and watched the 'Carols By Candelight' show in Melbourne. A truly spectacular performance from some of Australia's best singers. I loved it : ) Then we straight to bed to get some sleep before the rather early start of the next day, Christmas day!


  1. What was the address of the christmas lights winner? Belated Merry Christmas, and early hopes for a blessed new year. BEx

  2. @ BEx: The address of the winners' house is
    34 Box St. Centenary Heights
    It's actually quite near us, so really good for us in terms of getting there!
    A belated Christmas to you too, Bec!
    I hope dear little Elizabeth is going well and have a happy new year : )

  3. Whoah, like those light displays are small!


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