Thursday, December 8, 2011

charlie and the chocolate factory

Five days ago, our home schooling co-op put on the play we had been working on for a term and a half, the wonderful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was so much fun, and many people got enjoyment from watching us, I think!
While we did a full dress-rehearsal on Friday night, my Dad snapped away with his camera, and then he took photos after the performance on Saturday night, so altogether I think we have about 800+ photos from the weekend! If you're freaking out at the moment, (I would be if I were you) don't! It's alright, I'm not going to have a post that goes on forever with photos, photos, photos. If you're lucky, I might have maybe fifty or something! Not too bad : P
If you're familiar with the famous story by Roald Dahl, then you'll probably be able to recognize what's going on in the below photos so, basically...have fun looking at our version of the play of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! (and all the behind the scenes, backstage and hanging out photos as well : )

the two narrators

meeting augustus gloop

interviewing violet beauregard

meeting veruca salt

talking to mike teevee (who was played by a girl actually, but she did an amazing job any way!)

the grandparents of charlie bucket: grandpa george, grandma georgina, grandma josephine & grandpa joe.

mr bucket (sitting on the chair), charlie and mrs bucket talking about what it would be like to win the fifth golden ticket.

discussing the ticket

charlie's found the fifth golden ticket!

at the chocolate factory ready to go in, with willy wonka in the lead.

in the chocolate room

willy wonka describing the awful place that the oompa loompas lived in.

mrs gloop trying to stop augustus drinking from the chocolate river.

willy wonka and mrs gloop arguing

mrs gloop is furious that her boy has been sucked up a pipe and into the fudge room!

the oompa loompas singing their 'augustus gloop' song.

every one in the boat on the chocolate river.

in the invention room looking at new machines willy wonka has made

violet wants the magic gum!

mrs beauregard (me) is pleased that violet is the first person to have a 'chewing gum meal'

violet turns blue and purple!

willy wonka tells mrs bearegard to get the oompa loompas to roll the blown up violet into the juicing room!

the oompa loompas singing their 'violet bearegard' song

in the nut room

veruca wants a squirrel

she tries to grab one

and she falls among the squirrels. mr & mrs salt try to save her.

every one's not too happy at the moment.

the remaining families (charlie & grandpa joe, mr & mrs teevee & mike) and willy wonka ride the elevator

wonka shows off his latest invention...television chocolate!

charlie takes the shrunk chocolate out of the television!

mike decides to be the first person to go by wonka's television!

mrs teevee (india) can't believe mike's gone!

they discover mike shrunk to the size of a television figure!

listening to what the tiny boy has to say...

mr and mrs teevee get angry with mike and decide to through their tv away!

willy wonka is delighted that charlie has won the competition!

he explains to the puzzled grandpa joe and charlie about what it all means.

charlie agrees to willy wonka's offer!

and the narrators wrap up the play.

the oompa loompas bowing in the finale

every one on stage dancing to the finale music

willy wonka : )

here i'm singing my solo in the finale song. (candy man)

every one sings along with the audience!

That was all onstage.
Now for backstage and behind the scenes...(if you're still there. i totally understand if you've left because of too many photos!)

eloise getting her hair done!

sound and lighting getting sorted!

connor (willy wonka) getting his make-up was quite funny to watch!

an oompa loompa getting his hair sprayed!

most of the oompa loompas outside.

annie (mrs salt) and i just after our make-up.

friends posing

sound guys at the back

And then after the play, we had supper together with every one who watched, getting autographs, taking photos and having a heap of fun!

the whole cast in a group photo right after the play.

the whole cast and the mum's, as well as the sounds boys. basically every one in our co-op. (minus the creche)

Tyndall and I. we played mother and daughter (mrs. beauregard & violet). it really was very hard saying goodbye to her for the last time that same night, and now her whole family has just moved to USA. i'm very sad and will miss her heaps!

connor signing the many programs of ardent admirers!

the amazing 'wonka bar' that annie made.

Over all, a great experience and a perfect ending to our home schooling co-op of eight years! I think that we did a pretty good job in the amount of time we had, considering this is what it looked like about a month ago...

*please note that some of the people in these photos were stepping in for people who were away, so there was some mums and friends who took on the roles for people away in some of the rehearsals!

Yes, we all had fun. Congratulations if you got through all of those photos. I only uploaded sixty-four out of the eight hundred, so quite impressive : )
Please comment and tell me what you think of our play.

Holly xo


  1. Awesome pictures Holls! Thanx for putting them up, and well done on Mrs. Beauregard

  2. these are awesome photos!! worth the wait of putting them up :)

  3. That looks like so much fun, Holly! I was in that play, but I was an oompa loompa. It was quite interesting ;)

  4. awesome pics! it looks like it was so much fun! courtney just loved it!

    ~Bri {Diamonds and Pearls}

  5. Holly, excellent Job! Wow, how did you get such good pictures??? I'll be excited to see the play when it is finished edited.

  6. Hi Holly!

    Wow, love the photos! Totally 're-lived' the performace again!!!! You guys did such a fantastic job, and congrats on your solo! :)

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  8. Wow! It looks amazing! I love Mrs. Beauregard as a character soooo much! Everyone looks amazing.

  9. Wow!! It looks great!

    I hope to see the video!

  10. It looks so professional! I would love to act in something similar to that! *sigh* You look lovely as Mrs Beauregard! Maybe Toowoomba co-op can do a play one year?

  11. That looks so much fun!!!! I've always wanted to act in a play, but I've never gotten the oppurtunity to! I think you guys did a fabulos job and it would've been fun to watch!!! I enjoyed the photos, too.

  12. That looks amazing! Wish I could have seen it!

  13. @ Anonymous: My dad took all the photos. I was too busy (and unavailable most of the time) to take any, so he kindly did! I know, they're pretty good photos : )


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