Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Princess {guest post by johanna}

Adelina grew up as a daughter of missionaries from Ireland, around A.D. 700. Both of Adelina's parents died while she was a young maiden. She was left to the care of friends, in what was then called Thuringia, Germany.

One of Thuringia's early rulers – Herzog Gozbert, who was a Christian – died and left his son, Hedan, to reign. Hedan was under the guidance of his pagan mother, Geila. As devout heathens, Geila and Hedan participated in profane sacrificial ceremonies, and persecuting the local Christians.

Hereafter, Hedan was in passage to stop the regional Christians from worshiping God at the Cenoby Hochheim, when he came upon a curious sight indeed. --- A maiden of almost angelic appearance was stooping over a man whose forehead bleeding. 

Herzog Hedan asked the maiden who she was. 
Adelina, daughter of Iberius, a man of God who is dead,” she answered. Hedan was gazing at her in admiration and astonishment for her bravery to be alone in the forest. He pondered aloud why she was alone.
I am not alone. God is with me, in whose service I came,” Adelina responded. Hedan asked, “Who is this man?” Adelina proceeded to explain that the ailing man (whose name was unknown to her) had tried to set fire to one of the Christian's cabins, so that the whole cenoby would have been engulfed in flames.
I am surprised that thou wouldst repay virtues to one who wished to do thee evil!” Hedan exclaimed.
Why should we hate him who hated us? He hates us because he is a poor heathen, thinking thereby to please his gods. But our God has told us to do good to them which hate us and spitefully use us,” Adelina responded.

Soon thereafter, Hedan inquired for Adelina's hand in marriage.

Adelina was reluctant in her response, because Hedan was not a Christian. Hedan threatened that she and the other Christians would be persecuted if she were to say 'no'. Adelina was reminded of the verse that says, “Greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his friend.” Adelina then committed herself to be Hedan's faithful wife. Hedan eventually became a Christian due to Adelina's daily witness.

The End

A note from the authoress – You can read more about the true life account of Adelina in Julie Sutter's book, “The Princess Adelina”. All drawings by Johanna Kautt. Thank you, Miss Holly, for allowing me to guest post! 

About the Authoress ~ Johanna Kautt, 13, is a home-educated young lady living in Northern Texas. She enjoys sewing, drawing, reading, writing, taking photos, singing with siblings, playing piano, and being with family and friends. Johanna would love to hear from you at her family's blog: http://webmail.esagelink.com/cgi-common/webmail.cgi?cmd=url&xdata=%7E2-ae1224ff8ea6db663a22a32ceb7e9475f8929ce8d3dbddd1d38fd1d6d200&url=http%213A%212F%212Fwww.texasskies.blogspot.com.


  1. Great story! Did you draw those pictures? Amazing!

  2. That's a great story, Johanna! Well done! I haven't heard of Adelina before, but it was very, very interesting! Keep up the good work!! :)
    Alice xx

  3. @Laura,

    Yes, I drew the photos. :) Thanks!


    Thank you very much! :) I went to a costume party last fall as the Princess Adelina so I had to make a medieval dress. It was fun!


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