Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm excited. Guess why?

Well, it goes like this.

I lived in a cot in my own room from when I was born 'till about 2 years or something. Then I shared a room with my older sister. A couple of years later, my younger sister moved in with us. Then a couple of more years after that, my brother moved in to.
Think about it. India in a single bed. Eloise and I sharing a bunk and Micah in the small toddler bed, ALL in the one room!
And then after my other brother was too old for the cot he moved in, India moved into the once 'baby' room (finally she has a room of her own) the boys shared the room together, and Eloise and I moved downstairs into the rumpus/play room. Think about it again. A bunk bed, a cold big room, insects and mice. Not the ideal sleeping place but we coped for like a couple years. (or tried to at least)
Then, we moved to a new house, into a bigger home with 5 bedrooms. Ella and I shared again, but this time in an actual room of our own! We were ecstatic!
Two more years and a bit, Sophie's still in a cot (now almost three years old!) and she really needs to move out! So, we've been talking about it for awhile, but last weekend it became a reality! I moved out of the cozy room that Ella and I had shared for a long time and into MY OWN ROOM!!!!!

Oh, gosh I still can't believe it. I. have. my. own. room.

Over the space of two days, we did the big transfer. I moved out, Sophie moved in. She now shares the room with Ella in my bed, and I have her old room. a.k.a. the baby room.
But certainly it is not a baby room any longer! Mum really helped out with decorating and a nice bed, doona cover, bedside table etc.
Personally, I think it looks absolutely darling.
So without further ado, bring on the photos : )

This is Eloise's and my old room. I know. Pink, pink, pink!

This is the room when Sophie was living in it.

And this is the room that's mine now! Do you like it?

I love the new bedside table. I would have been a bit at loss to know where to put some of my stuff if Mum and Dad hadn't kindly bought one for me : )

The big wardrobe, which was fantastic for all of my junk  belongings!

Oh, and I really like the big window with a view out to the garden!

I love my new room : )



  1. Thats great holly! When you come over to my place you can see my room cause I redesigned it/rearranged it and I've got some really cool decoration ideas which come to the cost of $0!

  2. yes, having your own room is awesome! :)

    and i think your new room is gorgeous!

    ~Bri <3

  3. Very cool, Holly!!!! I've been wanting my own room for awhile now. I was hoping to get it this last Summer..... But I didn't ;). And, in answer to your comment on my blog~ I've been thinking about learning a language, and kind-of learning the basics of French, but I'm not sure yet. I've always thought if I did learn a language it would be French, but lately I've been helping my friend with learning Spanish and that's really fun.... I think I might've picked up a little ;). But I still think if I learned a language it would be French. Sorry for the long comment!!!!


  4. Good for you Holly! Your room looks loverly. :)
    I am really excited about catching up with you guys on Tuesday!

  5. Your room looks lovely:)

    I have a giveway going on at my blog, If you could join, I would LOVE it!!!!

    Blessings in Christ,

  6. Hey! Sorry it took so long to get back to you... I checked out your blog but never replied. Lame, I know. =| But I would love it if you would guest post on my blog! You can email me and we'll work out the details. =D

    Follow God

  7. Fantastic!
    It looks really nice!


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