Monday, July 25, 2011

Tutorial: How to snap the best nature photographs (guest post by Katie)

Hi there! My name is Briony Katie and I am honored to be guest posting on Roses and Bluebells.
Today I hope to inspire you to get out there and photograph to your heart's content! Since photography is one of my many passions I hope it will become one of yours too.

There are two things that photographers seem drawn to photograph the most. One: People. Two: Nature. Especially nature. You will find scrolling through a photographers portfolio page almost every photo has something to do with nature. You may think that taking a photo of a tree or flower is just aim, ready, snap. No! To take a really good nature photo, you may want to read the following.

Contrast: Before you take a photo of anything not just nature, you must make sure you have the right contrast. All cameras are different. Often, you can adjust the contrast by going to menu, or if you are still stuck, check the instruction manual. If it is sunny outside, adjust the contrast as not to get an awful glare or a washed out look. If it is rainy or grey, adjust the contrast as not to look to dark. It varies and you may have to change as you go along.

Back Light: Make sure your back light photos are not too light or blurred. To get a perfect back light photo, try taking one at sunset when the light is not so harsh. Also, make sure you can actually see the object, the last thing you want is an awful silhouette. Once again contrast is a must.

Rain: One of my most favourite things to photograph is rain drops. Although this may seem easy to do, it is not. To really capture those delicate drops, you have to make sure the focus is on the rain drops and the background blurs out. To do this, lower the mega pixels on your camera and lighten the contrast. The photo can look even better if perhaps the rain drops are sitting on a leaf or flower. Also make sure the photo doesn't look to drab, lots of colour and focus can really bring out the best in your photograph.

Focus: As I mentioned before, having good focus in your photograph can look amazing. If everything in your photograph is in focus, it draws away attention from the main object in your photograph. To get good focus, go to your menu and set your camera to "main focus" (all cameras have this option) and if that does not work, lower the mega pixels and lighten the contrast. Good focus is essential to every photograph.

Props: Now, this may sound a little silly to you, but all photographs even nature ones, could use a prop every now and then. This could be a basket, a book, or even a person. A prop adds more to the photo and gives a certain charm, especially if the prop has something to do with the object. Example: A girl sniffing a flower. Flowers in a basket. The options are endless!

A big thank you to Holly how asked me to guest post, it has been a pleasure. I hope I left all who read this a small bit of inspiration and perhaps a passion for photography.

Hey there! My name is Katie. Lover of photography, writing, art and chocolate. 
My day to day life consists of being home schooled my wonderful mother and learning to get along with my four younger siblings. You are welcome to stop my blog.


  1. Lovely post, Katie! I really enjoyed reading it because photography is one of my favorite hobbies, too. :)

    Much <3 in Christ,

  2. Thanks for the tips, i am just learning about photography :) i really enjoy these guest posts btw.

  3. Anonymous25 July, 2011

    Lovely post! I think all your tips were fab!

    this may sound random but i think you have the most awesome eyes! The colour is so dark and just beautiful! :)

    thanks for commenting and entering my giveaway ovewr at my blog!!


  4. Great tips!

    Unfortunatly, my camera isn't working, so I can't try these tips just yet, I will plan to though!
    I also have a question, how do you do really nice animal photos? I LOVE animal photography, but it is so diffulcult to get a nice pic! Do you have any suggestions?

  5. I found many tips! Come over and follow my blog.


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