Thursday, May 26, 2011



I'm afraid I don't have any photos to post about.

Please, don't leave now. It isn't that I've been too lazy to take any, no quite the contrary, it's just that I accidentally left it in my friend's car on the way back from an excursion (more on that in another post with photos!) and so have no photos to upload!

Gee, I wish these things didn't happen : (


I can tell you all about what's been happening in my life lately if you'd prefer to read about that than leave. (please don't! I promise you. It'll been interesting!)

Retreat: My family all went on an office retreat on Sunday for Mum and Dad's work. Our friends were there and there were two child minders to look after us while the parents were busy. We had fun. It was at Redcliffe, just outside of Brisbane right on the beach in a lovely resort so we had nothing to complain about! There are photos that mostly Dad took on his phone, but they're not the best so I wasn't going to post them. But if you'd like me to, then let me know in a comment : ) We just arrived home this afternoon. (oh great, the unpacking!)

Bridesmaid: It's very exciting! My good friend, Genevieve, has just gotten engaged and has asked me to be her junior bridesmaid!! She's getting married in early October and we're going bridesmaid shopping tomorrow! my younger sister Sophie, is going to be a flower girl and she's pretty happy too.

Musical: The choir that India and I go to are putting on a musical in June. The rehearsals are going really well and I'm pretty excited. I didn't get a speaking part or solo, but I'm just happy to be part of it! India has a speaking part and I think she'll be really great even though it's not a very big part!

Birthday party: Along with my two sisters, India and Ella we are going to a birthday party on Saturday. But it's not just a birthday party. It's one of my closest and oldest friend's birthday on Friday. And she and her wonderful family are sadly moving to Tamworth (somewhere in N.S.W. about 5 hours away!) sometime this year. Our family has known them since Annie and I were babies, so we're all very close! It will be hard when they move, but I'll survive. Any way, Annie's having a memorable birthday party to celebrate being 13 and also to make it the best party she's had as it's her last with all her friends in Brisbane. I'm looking forward to that, as it'll be a team challenge running around the city!

Irish dancing: Another busy extra curricular activity my sisters and I do. I moved up into the advanced class at the start of first term, and have really enjoyed it ever since then! Mum and Dad just decided that we are allowed to be part of the end of year concert our dance school puts on in November each year. It's awhile to then, but certainly enough time to work on technique and concentration!

Sorry about there not being any photos and I hope that post was interesting enough!

Thanks dear Followers : ) : )


p.s. I'm coming up to my 100th post and also I'm two followers away from 30. Do you know what that means? I want to do something to celebrate the two events. Maybe a link-up or giveaway. What do you think?? Please let me know.


  1. Anonymous26 May, 2011

    That's so cool you're going to be a bridesmaid!
    The musicle sounds like fun! I have bee in a couple of musicles before, but I have only had very minor speaking parts. I loved it though!
    The post was very intresting. I enjoyed it.
    I think doing something for your 100th post is a good idea. I vote for it!
    Sorry about the comment being so long (:
    From Lauren (My google account is playing up)

  2. Anonymous26 May, 2011

    Wow! What a great update!!! That all sounds so awesome!!! I can't believe it!! 30 followers and number 100 post!!! :) Totally awesome!!! I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo think you should have a giveaway!!! I had so much fun doing mine! :) Have fun tonight at choir!


  3. Great post! I know what you mean, you don't want people to stop reading, but you want them to enjoy your posts! I used to do Irish dancing, and I loved it! I think a linkup or giveaway would be fun :)

  4. Wow sounds like you had a wonderful week!
    That is funny, Briony and I's choir has a musical in July and I am a minor principle and Briony is one of the chorus. I am excited!

    hope to see you soon

  5. That is so cool that you are going to be a bridesmaid!

    I think that a giveaway is a really cool idea :)

  6. We just spent a week at the beach! :)
    It was fun!
    Thats awesome that your going to be a bridesmaid!
    i've never been n a wedding!
    You should post a vdeo of your dancing! :)

  7. Yeah, I've also been a flower girl when I was almost five. That was fun : ) It was for my aunt.
    Thanks Girls <3

  8. I've been a flower girl for my Auntys wedding too!

  9. I just saw my blog on the 'best blogs to visit' page. Thank you Holly! I will get a button one day.


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