Thursday, May 12, 2011


Two more things:

One- Bri, from Diamonds and Pearls is having a very simple giveaway! She's giving away a beautiful necklace, so don't forget to join! (click here to go to the giveaway)

Two- Natalia, from The Journal of Natalia Rose is hosting a link up called 'Terrific and Terrible Tuesday'
The idea is you post a terrific photo you took in the past week and a terrible photo you took! Come on, let's admit it. We all take some bad photos sometimes : )

So here's my terrific photo...

I know it's not that terrific, but it's the best one I took in the last week : )

And my terrible photo...

I know. It's terrible!

So that's it, Followers! Go link up here and have fun!



  1. Anonymous12 May, 2011

    Thanks so much Holly!!! :)
    And yes! I really want a blog button. I don't know how and would love for you to show me.
    Thanx again,

    Bri xoxo


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