Sunday, April 24, 2011

What do you get when you cross 5 giggling girls, tons of lollies and chips and a tent??

 A birthday party sleep-over full of fun!!

Yep, that's right! Last week, I went to yet another birthday party for my wonderful friend, Briahna. But it wasn't just the normal party with food, games and presents. We did all that (in style!) as well as camping on Bri's property for the night!! It was so much fun : )

I took many photos of us girls having heaps of fun at the Chocolate Cottage in Highfields for morning tea, inside the tent relaxing, taking photos of each other all over the property and playing games!

At the Chocolate Cottage. (Briahna's mum has taken the photos with this "*") *


My iced chocolate



Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Hey Girls!

Outside the chocolate cottage.

Going for a walk on Bri's property

Isn't the sky beautiful? The cloud patterns were amazing that day!

Look at that ice cream cake! Yum! looks like five girls are ready for it!

Oh, I can't look at it! It's too yummy. Peppermint and cookies and cream ice cream cake for dessert, then lollies galore to snack on all through the night!

It was a great party and sleep-over! I enjoyed it a lot! The next day we went shopping in the afternoon (one of Bri's favourite pastimes) and had fun buying and looking at lots of stuff!

p.s. Happy Easter! I have been going to Easterfest since Friday and will have more details on it in another post! You won't believe what happened!! I say no more : )


  1. Hi Holly

    I think I know what your post about Easterfast would be all about, I have hered the detals from Mackenzie (Big Sister) this afternoon.

    Bri does look gorgeous, and the party looks like... SO MUCH FUN!

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Yes it was fun! nice photos!

    BRI :)

  3. I heard about the Easterfest too.
    Shockingly amazing isn't it.

    looks like you girls had fun!

  4. Hey Holly,

    OOOOhhhhhh, YUMMMMMM! All those photos make me hungry!

    Izi xoxo


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