Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I made homemade pasta for dinner.

When Mum and Dad came back from their weekend away, they brought a pasta machine with them for us children to use. I was the only one who had experience with making pasta and using a pasta machine from when I went away to England and I tried a recipe called Ravioli Napoletana. (click here to see the recipe and more photos) I had made it previously before, but not with a pasta machine.

This is us Girls with the pasta sheets that have just been made really thin!

This is the ravioli cooking in the pot

Oh, and this is the front of the pasta machine box. (if you can see, it's showing all the different types of pasta you can make with it.)

Another picture

And the finished product of Ravioli Napoletana!

p.s I'm so sorry! I took many more photos of this cooking experience but I can't get some of them on the computer :( So there was pics of the sauce, more pasta photos etc.


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