Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my first fashion/outfit post

Yay! Here it is. My first fashion post!

But first things first. This isn't really a fashion post. ( you're thinking what?)

Two reasons.

I don't really know how to do a proper fashion post, you know like Carlotta and Olivia's ones from the past. (oh yeah. definitely Olivia)  And I also don't really have any fashionable clothes or even know what's fashionable at the moment. But I absolutely love fashion any way, or at least what I think is fashion! (hmm...)

So, let's get this strait. I've given in decided to do outfits rather than fashion posts, if that's all right with you all :)

So here are my results...

I am

totally loving

this new

skirt that

I bought the other day!

(sorry this last one's a bit blurry!)

shirt: Best and Less // skirt: Kmart // flats: some shoe shop at D.F.O! // headband: borrowed from my sister who bought it from Prices Plus // hoops: Diva // handbag: Prices Plus

Thanks to India and Eloise for taking the photos! Please do give tips if you have any and I'm listening!


p.s. about the blog buttons. umm, well it's just that India tried to fix both of them, and it sort of didn't work! I have know idea what's wrong with them or why they just won't behave, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to delete both of them, because there's just nothing I can do about them. I don't even know if starting again and making a new one will work. it might just do the same thing...  so sorry, dear followers :(


  1. Fashion posts are always fun. But just don't get to sucked in. Other wise they can make people think, and you don't want it to take over. Other then that, you are looking beautiful. ~Briony Katie~

  2. I love the skirt, you look so pretty!

  3. Your blog is sooo cute! :DDD

    Bleah Briann @ blonde4christ.blogspot.com

  4. I love all the photo's, and that skirt is really cool! GREAT post!!!!

  5. Really lovely.

    I like the skirt...and those shoes...gorgeous! :)

  6. Thanks Girls! You're all so sweet :)


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