Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The flooding in Queensland has gotten worse! It was in some cities and towns up north of the state I live in and around the bottom of Queensland, but I never expected it to be HERE where I live!
The flooding in Toowoomba was horrific! Yesterday afternoon, a storm started after lunch and went on for ages. The raining was the heaviest I have ever experienced! Dad's study and shed were flooded but (thankfully) our house was alright. The city centre had the worst though! The creek banks flooded over and turned the roads into rivers and people had to be rescued! The library and main shopping centre had to be evacuated and cars were floating around in the strong currents and making heaps of damage! Just around the corner of my house, the roads had flooded, cars were being bogged and houses had water gushing into them! It was an experience I'll never forget. the weather forecast has told us to expect more storms and flooding this afternoon which the small city of Toowoomba are not looking forward to!

Here are some video clips Dad took on his phone...

Those clips are from around where we live. Just thought I'd show them to you all so you get a picture of what it's like!

See ya.

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