Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Family Photos 2010

As you might of guessed, I now have the family photos for our Christmas card on the computer, and here they are!

We had a friend come and take our family photo and Dad & Mum's, but Dad took the rest of our individual shots.

This is the best we could do! Sophie would not be happy and Micah isn't the best at smiling, but it's alright I think!

Mum and Dad!

India, looking as pretty as ever!


Elosie loves natural poses of herself and liked the idea of this bridge!

The boys look very handsome next to the pole!

Sophie utterly refused to cooperate with the photo taking, so this was the best photo of her Dad took when she wasn't looking!

Us Girls! (No, Eloise hasn't got her eyes closed!)

The boys loved this bridge!

There's something about this photo I like! I think Sophie's cute!

Oh! And Dad had to take a photo of us Girl's feet! (Yep! You can see how big my feet are! They're on the left if you're having a bit of trouble!)

And those were our Family photos for 2010!!

p.s. If you want to look at these photos in the future, but can't be bothered to find this post, just go to "My Family" page and they'll be there!


  1. You, and your sisters are so so pretty!
    Your brothers so handsom, and
    your littelest sister is sooooo
    cute! :D

  2. Thanks Alexandra! That's really nice!


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