Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at my house...

The entrance to my house

Our bay window in the dining room

Nativity advent calendar

Musical angel snow globe

Our Christmas tree (and all the presents)

With lights

Christmas lights at the front of our house

Christmas lights on the carport and fence. (I couldn't get rid of the street lights! Sorry)

Christmas lights in our outside entertainment area

Christmas lights at the church across the road from my house

Christmas lights at another church a little walk from my house

Enjoy Christmas and have a wonderful day!

Merry Christmas!


  1. WOW!! You certinaly are in the Xmas Spirt!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas Tomorrow!!!!!

    ~ Laura

    P.s It sounded like your Holiday was fun!!

  2. Your house looks so pretty!
    I love the entrance!
    The snow globe is really pretty!

    Merry Christmas, Holy! :):):)

  3. Thanks you guys! Merry Christmas :)

  4. Beautiful!! Looks like the US! :)

  5. Thank you "Love Unawakened"! I hope you enjoyed looking at my blog :)


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