Sunday, December 19, 2010

Caloundra Holiday


It's so good to be back and blogging again! I am in the process of reading all you people's blog posts- very interesting! (And taking a long time too!)

Any way, what we're here for...

I took a huge amount of photos while away at Caloundra and here are just as few of them! (Well, maybe a bit more than a few!)

Our apartment was a two minute walk from the beach so we went there a lot! Sophie loved running on the sand!

India teaching Sophie to play cricket.

I think India wrote this in  the sand!

Eloise, my pretty model!

For some reason, I like this photo. She's too cute!

We love to play cricket! And since it's cricket season, we had lots of fun playing the Aussie sport!

I love the water splashing in this photo!

I've never seen so many rocks with moss growing on them like theses ones!

Mum on the rocks.

This was my bed for the second week of our holiday.

Ella and I shared this bed for the first week, then India and Ella shared it for the second.

We had a lovely chest of drawers and mirror.

This is the lounge room where we spent heaps of time watching TV!


  1. looks like you had a lot of fun. Y'all should come to America next time you go on a trip. haha.

    How do you play cricket?
    kinda looks like baseball a little.

    I love your bed spreads.

  2. I would love to come to America, but I don't know if I'll get there until I'm at least 20!

    Um, cricket, well, you have someone with a special ball, and they throw it (in a special way) to a person who has a cricket bat. The batter, (the one with the bat) has to try and hit the ball as far as he can. Then he runs from one wicket to the other, back and forward as many times as he can without getting out. The fielders, (people standing around the batter and bowler) their job is to try and get the ball as fast as they can and hit either wicket with it before the batter gets back to that wicket.
    That's the basic idea. Does it kinda make sense? :)

  3. yeah it makes sinse. kinda *sounds* like baseball a little. lol

  4. Wow I am glad that you guys had a wonderful and 'cricket-playing' Holiday at the beach!!

    Good explaining Holly for Cricket!

    ~ Laura

    Merry Christmas


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